Rita, Sue and Bob too at the Octagon Theatre, Bolton

David Walker (dad), Sally Bankes (mum), Taj Atwal (Rita). Photo: Richard Davenport

We’re treated to a brilliant opening, and a taste of what’s to come, as the Eighties soundtrack is used to great effect to initiate scene changes.

That first song turns out to be entirely appropriate as we bear witness to some of that “Tainted Love.” Under-age sex, parents out of their depth and a wife desperate to hang on to an unfaithful husband, doesn’t make this easy on the senses and it won’t be to everyone’s taste.

Much will depend on your own experience of life as to how alarmed you will be and how uncomfortable it may make you feel but what is not in doubt is the quality of the production and the terrific performances of Taj Atwal (Rita), Gemma Dobson (Sue) and James Atherton (Bob).

The production runs until September 23rd and tickets are available on 01204-520661.

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