The ultimate in fine romantic dining? How about a four-course Greggs?

People are staring

If roses are red, and love is your goal, take them to Greggs for a nice sausage roll.

This Valentine's Day, selected branches of the popular pasty peddlers are upping their game to offer romantic candlelit dinners. Classy.

Can you recommend anything? Somewhere else maybe?

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Mood lighting, music, roses, candles, tablecloths, and er, stake bakes.

And you wont have to queue up with everyone else, oh no; first class table service is provided while you stare into each other's eyes and wonder where it all went wrong.

Your better half is going to be literally stunned, and you'll talk about this date for years to come, assuming you stay together.

Spoilt for choice

As Greggs say, "Sausage rolls and romance go hand in hand"

The four-course set menu, accompanied with a bottle of prosecco (which you will most definitely need), will cost £15 for two and is available for bookings in Manchester, Cardiff, London, Newcastle and Glasgow.

Brownie points secured

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