Daintees – Bayswater Road, Barbarville Records

Daintees Bayswater Road, Barbarville Records

Twenty plus years ago I discovered Martin Stephenson and the Daintees at a gig in Chester.

I remember his fetching hat well and have followed his career since. He has just a great voice, sings quirky lyrics and his songs are just great, easy listening.

Martin brought out his latest album to co-incide with a tour of Britain and it is as great as ever.

You start off with the lively, bouncy The Whisky, before sliding gently into the title track Bayswater Road, a love song to little old London, which has a real pub-style swagger to it.

And before you know it, you swing into Secret Crush, High Snow Sierra and my favourite She Rides Horses.

With songs like this, Martin will be around for another 20 years!

Daintees – Bayswater Road, Barbarville Records, www.daintees.co.uk

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