Caution the watchword for Fylde rugby move

Woodlands Memorial Ground
Woodlands Memorial Ground
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More developers have come forward to express an interest in acquiring the Woodlands Memorial Ground for development, it was revealed at a packed special meeting of Fylde rugby union club.

But it is a long way from being a ‘done deal’ that Fylde will leave their present home and move to an alternative home.

The meeting, at which various viewpoints were expressed in strong terms, gave cautious approval for Fylde officials to speak to would-be developers without giving any cast-iron agreement or commitment to sell the 13-acre site, which has been Fylde’s home for the best part of a century.

It was also pointed out that Fylde were in no pressure to sell the ground for financial reasons as the club was cash and asset strong.

Club spokesman Allan Foster said: “The meeting of members gave the club a mandate to look into the possibility of talking to developers.

“But that should not be seen as a any kind of agreement to move.”

Such was the interest aroused by the announcement that developers were interested in the site that the special meeting had to be delayed because of queuing and the need to check all membership credentials

This wide spread of interest was a welcome sight for officials to show people were interested in such an important issue regarding the long-term future of the historic, National League One club.

In all, 171 members attended the meeting held in the Woodlands club-house when it was pointed out that there was no question of Fylde being forced to sell the ground for financial reasons as was the case well over a decade ago when one pitch was sold off for housing.

One potential hitch raised at the meeting was the question of re-locating and finding a suitable alternative as options could be construed as being limited in the Fylde catchment area.

It was also stressed that no move should be made that would risk the club surrendering its community ethos and heritage.

The general message was to proceed with caution, with no guarantees made at this stage either way

No names of organisations interested in development plans have been made public thus far.

More companies had come forward since news first broke of the initial approach made to Fylde last month.