Beaumont in war of words with former coach Rowley

Paul Rowley
Paul Rowley
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The row over Paul Rowley’s dramatic resignation from Leigh Centurions was sensationally re-ignited today by club owner Derek Beaumont.

Writing exclusively in the Leigh Observer, Beaumont claims Rowley has been headhunted to coach a Canadian team set to join Championship One next year.

The Leigh supremo also says he now intends to report Rowley to the Rugby Football League for trying to lure staff away from the club.

However, Rowley today flatly refuted his former employer’s claims.

He told the Observer: “I’m aware that he’s been saying these sorts of things but the fact is I’m not doing anything before summer.

“Everyone at Leigh is a personal friend so of course I have spoken to them since I left but I’ve not approached anyone about joining another club. How could I when I am not employed by anyone?

“Maybe it is insecurity coming out. Who knows? But I am just spending time with my family and will only make decisions about my future after the summer.”

Rowley sensationally quit Leigh just days before the start of the season and later cited “moral reasons” for walking out of the club he has served with such distinction as both a player and manager.

Beaumont initially lavished praise on Rowley after his resignation but has since undergone a dramatic change of heart.

“I kept my counsel when comments were made regarding ‘morals’ and ‘integrity’, although I did use those words a number of times myself,” he writes.

“I was puzzled by the reference to them as there was no big bust up but I just wanted everything to settle down and become next week’s chip paper.

“However today I learned that perhaps the real reason Paul left his post was to take an appointment as the coach of the Canadian team that will enter Championship 1 next year.

“Now this hasn’t been formally stated so at this stage is purely my speculation. However speculation with some pretty solid substance - given the man with morals has approached at least one senior player and one member of coaching staff to join him as a member of his team.”

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