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The fortnightly national team open match, Upper pound Sankey canal over 25 pegs.

Overnight frosts on Friday and Saturday made the going tough for everyone taking part.
1 F Holding, peg 23, 3lb 5oz; 2 I Alexander, peger 29, 2lb 2oz; 3 E McClorie, peg 34, 1lb 12oz; 4 M Brown, peg 25, 1lb 9oz.
The Disabled & Over 60s Weekly Members match over 24 pegs on Thursday, November 8 ay the Yewtree Reservoir.
1 P Hill, peg 15, 9lb 7oz; 2 J Byrne, peg 2, 8lb 14oz. 3 E Marcroft, peg 11, 8lb 3oz. Section Winners:
Section 1, A Tickle, peg 4, 5lb 4oz; Section 2 D Thom, peg 10, 7lb 13oz; Section 3 F Holden, peg 20, 6lb 15oz.