Marines test for Leigh Centurions

Leigh Centurions are taking on the Royal Marines this weekend as they step up their endurance training under the watchful eye of head coach Paul Rowley.

“Every one of the squad will be present for what will undoubtedly be an arduous and testing time for all of them,” said Rowley. “They work with the Marines on Saturday and Sunday and the whole experience is designed to put them in pressure situations where fatigue starts to take its toll and then to see how they start to cope with the decision making process when that happens.

“It also helps team understanding and team bonding and although it will be demanding, I am certain that afterwards they will all feel it will have been a worthwhile experience.

“All the squad will be attending, even those half a dozen or so who are not back running yet after undergoing surgery in the close season. They will still undertake the team exercises and they too will be put under pressure through sleep deprivation type demands.

“It is designed to be tough and will back up last weekend’s day on Formby sand hills where we got through a great deal of work on the players stamina with them undertaking a whole series of exercises that again have been designed to put pressure on the players and to test their mental as well as physical strengths.”