Leigh deducted three points

LEIGH Centurions have been deducted three points by the Rugby Football League Disciplinary Panel for breach of the salary cap for the season 2010. Former Chairman Arthur Thomas advised the Rugby Football League at the end of the 2010 season that they were likely to be in breach of the salary cap provisions and as a consequence of which the RFL brought disciplinary proceedings against Leigh for breach of the salary cap. The Tribunal found that Leigh had committed a technical breach of the salary cap because of the excess over £300,000 which in effect gave Leigh an advantage over the other clubs. The ordinary penalty for such a breach would have been a six point deduction and or a fine of up to £41,374.

Leigh argued that the income that was generated by Leigh Sports Village from the Rugby League activities should have been included within the relevant income for Leigh. If that had been taken into account then Leigh would not have been in breach of the salary cap rules. The Tribunal decided that in view of the considerable assistance provided by Leigh to the Compliance Manager together with the fact that Leigh Centurions could apply for dispensation on the basis that income generated from Leigh Sports Village could have been included. Together with the fact that Arthur Thomas did not fulfil his obligations through no fault of his own due to an unexpected situation, that the appropriate penalty in the circumstances would be reduced to three.

The Tribunal also decided that no financial penalty would be imposed in these circumstances.

Leigh Centurions decided against the advice not to appeal the decision and to accept the decision of the Tribunal and to concentrate on going forward. Ian Millward is still very confident of finishing in the top two even after this slight setback.