Leigh Centurions: Beaumont admires “genuine” Koukash

Derek Beaumont with Marwan Koukash. Photo: Paul McCarthy Photography
Derek Beaumont with Marwan Koukash. Photo: Paul McCarthy Photography
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Leigh’s outspoken owner Derek Beaumont says he admires his counterpart at Salford, Marwan Koukash

Relations between the two appeared strained when Gareth Hock joined Leigh from Salford midway through last season.

A Twitter spat suggested the pair had issues with each other but Beaumont, writing in his exclusive Leigh Observer column, says they actually get on well.

Beaumont said: “I like to push boundaries and be challenging to the game and its structures.

“Organisations normally don’t take kindly to that and prefer conformists who quietly go along. I like Marwan Koukash at Salford as he is outspoken, challenging and attracts global attention to the sport.

“A lot of people don’t know the real me or the real Marwan, but behind all the banter are genuine people who have the good of the game in their hearts and are prepared to chuck lots of hard-earned money into it for their respective towns.

“There aren’t many people about like that. Some may be thankful of that, but I bet deep down every club, in the Championship at least, wishes they had someone similar. There are great times to be had at Leigh.

“I can become more reserved and compliant if that’s what is needed, but those who have such persona can’t pick money off trees.

“I guess it’s easier to make changes to any issues people think I have than it is to make significant changes to clubs’ bank accounts.”

Leigh have signed three players from Salford for 2016 - Cory Paterson, Reni Maitua and Harrison Hansen - and continue to be linked with Red Devils playmaker Rangi Chase.