Youths throw bricks at firefighters

Fire service
Fire service
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A large group of youths threw bricks and swore at firefighters in a shocking attack on the emergency services.

Crews were called to open land off Lune Road in Platt Bridge following reports a large fire had been lit.

We have put this down as an assault on fire service personnel and the perpetrators will be prosecuted

Crew manager John Roscoe

As they were putting out the bonfire teenagers started lighting other fires and giving the firefighters verbal abuse.

The yobs then began to pelt the crew with bricks, with one firefighter getting hit in the back.

The crew was forced to retreat from the group of around 12 to 15 girls and boys, most of them believed to be between 13 and 16 years old, and to request assistance from the police.

Fortunately there were no serious injuries and none of the firefighters required medical attention.

Following the shocking incident, which happened at around 8.30pm on Friday, crews are now warning attacks on the fire service will not be tolerated and they are looking to prosecute.

Crew manager John Roscoe said: “As we were putting the fire out the kids were lighting others and swearing, and next thing they started throwing bricks.

“We have put this down as an assault on fire service personnel. We have CCTV footage which is being reviewed and the perpetrators will be prosecuted.”

The fire service is also asking parents to ensure they know where their children are and what they are doing.

The crew from Wigan fire station was at the scene for around 45 minutes.