You deserve better ...

I AM writing in reply to the letter printed in the WEP on March 5 from J Sherwood and a similar letter regarding councillors behaving badly earlier in the week.

The authors of these letters are spot on.

People should expect the best behaviour possible from their councillors. They should be model citizens and the vast majority of them are.

Personally I have never worked anywhere where there are so many complaints generated by so few councillors. They are the ones you read about regularly. Wigan people deserve better.

Staff have to put up with abuse on a daily basis from a small minority of councillors who think they are the boss. They waste a fortune of tax payers’ money on ridiculous issues, abusing the position of trust they have been placed in by voters. At the root of their problem is a failure to take responsibility for their own actions.

Going back over the years it is always someone else’s fault and never their own.

This leads them to think they can misuse council resources, boss staff about and be obnoxious until they get their own way just because they were elected. Wigan’s Standards Committee is determined to stamp out this childish behaviour. Ultimately, however, the only way they can be removed from office is by voters recognising their behaviour is a problem and not voting for them. My two predecessors Joyce Redfearn and Steve Jones also committed to rid Wigan of this historic problem with the same individuals.

This behaviour needs to stop and I hope you will challenge it along with Wigan Council.

Donna Hall

Chief Executive

Wigan Council

Town Hall

Library Street