Worrying issues with link road

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THE public must be have the full details explained to them of Almond Brook Link Road, which forms a spine through the development of 600 proposed homes for Standish.

This ‘estate road’ is big enough to be used by a large amount of traffic, including HGVs, and could be a quicker route to Chorley from the M6.

The road goes close to the playing fields of Standish High School.

Recent, high-profile publicity linked to the ‘smog’ problem, regarding the effects of exhaust pollution on people, especially children, is very worrying.

This includes a World Health Organisation report blaming diesel emissions on a range of health issues, including mental problems, autism, cardio-vascular diseases and, obviously, asthma. The Government’s Public Health England has also recently warned of the dangers of vehicle emissions on public health.

Our group are not pollution experts but we are concerned that this road - which has been unanimously opposed by both Standish Community Forum and Shevington Parish Council - will become busy with traffic and could harm the health of pupils at Standish High, especially as the roads bordering the Bloor Homes site have been designated an Air Quality Management Area, where Wigan Council should be improving air quality, not making it worse.

Stop Almond Brook Link Road’s campaign has led to the road on Bloor Homes’ site being moved slightly away from the boundary of the school’s playing fields, but Wigan Council needs to show that this is far enough away so that pupils’ health will not be affected by fine particles from exhausts.

Why would the road be moved if there was no problem? Planning chief Mike Worden has taken to Twitter to explain some aspects of the housing schemes in Standish.

All well and good, but the number of people using Twitter is negligible. Some older people are not even on the internet. There should be a public meeting to explain these controversial plans.

In addition, in his recent article in the Observer he failed to mention all the other housing developments (approved and proposed in Standish, including the additional 100 houses off Langham Road which is another current planning application by Wainhomes).

Mr Worden says there has been ‘misinformation’ surrounding the £5m ‘estate road’ - which the council has now conceded will not improve the traffic problems at Standish crossroads - but all we want is a public meeting so the council can explain the proposals and clear up any such misunderstandings.

Stop Almond Brook Link Road Committee,

via email.