When horsemeat was on the menu

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WHAT is all this brouhaha about horsemeat? During the last war my late grandmother worked as a cook at Dick, Kerr works on Strand Road.

This was an ammunition factory then employing thousands of people working around the clock. All the kitchen staff were sworn to secrecy. During wartime food was scare and rationed, but all the factory workers were given a roast dinner every day or during the night shift and it was always horsemeat flavoured with large stock cubes of beef, pork or lamb. The workers were not aware of this and there were no complaints.

Only the firm’s managers and directors were given “proper meat”.

In fact an old friend of mine who had to leave his family firm as he was called up for war work said the only good thing about working at Dick, Kerr’s was the very good food provided. When I told him about the horsemeat he wasn’t really surprised and said he had heard rumours of this, but enjoyed it anyway. I wonder if any other readers knew about this from people employed there during the war years? Perhaps many other firms applied this method during the early 1940s.

K Harrison, Hutton

Jail is no deterrent for law breakers

Bring back hanging, lethal injection, corporal punishment – these are the true deterrents to murder.

Hitmen Ben Hope and Jason Richards who, full of drugs,stabed a young boy in mistaken identify, have both been given 40 years each in jail at taxpayers’ expense. No wonder the jails are full to bursting. Jail should fit the crime, they should not be like holiday camps. Prisoners get kept in jail with private cells, TV, personal shoppers, no wonder they keep reoffending. No rent to find, no council tax to pay, no electric or gas bills to pay, three meals a day, which they have a menu to choose from, while the poorest pensioners, who have worked all of their lives and served their country, now have to choose to eat, or put on their heating to keep warm. Our once great country has gone to pot. Couples are shacked up together, a good meal ticket given to single mothers living on benefits, and now the true sanctity of marriage is under threat, making a mockery of a man and wife married in church by allowing gays the right to a church wedding.

Mrs M Fazakerley

address supplied

EU trade is essential to keep Heinz

Heinz has always claimed that the Kitt Green factory is the largest food production plant in Europe and so closing it would be difficult. Having said that, I think that in these austere times many foreign owned businesses like Heinz, Nissan and others will wait to see what happens with Britain and Europe as most of their production is sold in Europe.

If Britain exits the EU and as a consequence faces import taxes on its exports into Europe then the unique feature of the UK-based production will be lost and many foreign-owned plants will close.


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