Westminster so detached

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THE result of the Scottish independence referendum has opened up one big can of worms in the debate for the future of the United Kingdom.

It has proved that our Westminster political elite have become so detached from the electorate that they almost caused the break-up of it, panicking themselves into pathetic action and promises when they belatedly woke up.

My party has been the forerunner in advocating English MPs voting on English matters, which has been talked down by the three other main parties until now. However, Labour will not agree because it will weaken there power base, as it would deny 41 of their Scottish MPs from voting.

UKIP believe in putting the interests of the Britain and British people first. A United Kingdom that is fair, democratic and prosperous, to the benefit of the people, not the politicians, unlike our rivals who have preferred to ignore those who voted for them.

The Scottish referendum has acted as a wake up call to all of us who believe in the UK and our future, let us all work together to make it work.

Philip Griffiths

North West President UKIP