We will regret tip closure

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ACCORDING to the report by Greg Farrimond in last week’s Wigan Observer, Lord Smith, Leader of Wigan Council is backing the closure of Orrell tip, making statements such as: “difficult for members of the public to use” and “it isn’t well used by the public”, surely these are not correct?

This is the only place this side of Ince where residents have access to a tip to deposit excess rubbish legally and responsibly. There are many thousands of residents, who will have to take more than a one hour round trip, to use the closest facilities in Ince. Surely there must be another solution?

The present tip, as Coun Clayton remarked, is well organised and very well used as it has to be temporarily closed on a regular basis due to the trucks having to remove the full containers.

The cost should be economical due to the recycling which is an income to offset the running costs.

Taking into consideration the whole area owned by the council, which could be in excess of well over 3000 square metres, with a little more thought this could be re-developed to provide better access for residents.

Coun Clayton is wise and diligent in trying to keep this open for the future and all should back him to ensure that all the true facts are known and transparent before a decision to close something as important as this.

It can only be done once and you cannot turn back, then where does all the rubbish go?

This could be developed into a more economical site, it should remain for use in this area and the petition by Coun Clayton should be signed by everyone in this area.

Jim Lloyd

Billinge resident.