We need climate consensus

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THE latest science shows that rising greenhouse gas emissions are dangerously de-stabilising the climate.

While it cannot predict when and where specific extreme weather events will occur, it does tell us that the risks from a whole range of forms of extreme weather will continue to grow substantially.

Thus, their collective impacts will gradually become much more severe.

The world’s Governments have considered the best evidence available and agreed to aim to limit global warming to two degrees – not necessarily a safe limit but one designed to be realistically achievable.

What they have not done is dismiss the science that demonstrates such a clear need for radical and hence politically difficult action.

Briefly, a mix of only gas, coal and nuclear power stations will not allow us to achieve emissions reductions fast enough, besides other drawbacks. Renewables are contributing a significant share to our energy mix and the various technologies are improving, with prices coming down.

With better political support, they could develop more rapidly.

Chris Broome

Climate Alliance