We must catch them

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RE your front page of June 17 “cowardly attack on disabled teenager”, I hope this brave young man continues with his life and endeavours not to allow these cowards and bullies to adversely affect his quality of life.

It is clear he has been targeted because of his disabilities and unfortunately crime of this nature in recent times has increased dramatically.

Restorative justice can be a good way of ensuring the feelings of victims are taken into account, but receiving a beating and just getting an apology is simply not good enough.

A beating of this nature deserves a prison sentence. The fact that the victim is disabled and vulnerable and in all likelihood the perpetrators knew this makes this crime even more serious.

I sincerely hope the good people of Hindley report those responsible and that criminal proceedings are taken and that proper justice prevails.

Nothing less than a lengthy prison sentence is acceptable.

Michael Moulding

via wigantoday website