Tragedy of donor shortages

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WHAT a terribly sad front page story you ran in the Wigan Observer last week.

It told of the gravely ill local people who were in desperate need of a life-saving organ transplant but died before one could be found. The problem is of course is that there are not enough people on the registers. Some people jump at the chance to put themselves forward, others rule themselves emphatically out, perhaps on religious grounds, while I suspect the vast majority of folk just don’t give it a moment’s thought.

It is these people who are a massive, untapped resource that the authorities should be focusing on.

In Wales legislation is coming in next year whereby the public have physically to opt out of being an organ donor rather than the other way round.

This means that when you die medics will be at liberty to harvest no-longer-needed bits of you to save other people’s lives - unless you have expressly asked for it not to happen.

There has been talk of this legislation’s being adopted in England too but I didn’t hear anything in the Queen’s Speech last week which is most unfortunate.

The longer the current situation prevails and so many viable and un-needed organs go to waste, the more lives will be needlessly lost.

MW Johnson