Told you so Mr Clegg

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THE Liberal Democrats and Nick Clegg’s U-turn on the Bedroom Tax is simply unbelievable.

Since its introduction the Wigan Evening Post regularly exposed its faults without the need for DWP research.

In fact, the majority of the country knew what its devastating consequences would be.

As in Wigan and all over the UK, there is simply not enough social housing properties for people to downsize to.

After the DWP research revealed this week that just 4% of bedroom tax victims downsized - we can say to Nick Clegg and his cohorts - we told you so.

Therefore, as the Lib Dems try to justify their shameful hypocritical U-turn my thoughts today are for the victims of the Bedroom Tax, who felt the need to end their life. People like Stephanie Bottrill of Solihull, West Mids and to all those evicted because of this cruel policy and forced into poverty, hardship and foodbanks.

Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems should do the decent thing and apologise.

Michael Moulding