Time to stop gambling

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I FULLY share the concerns expressed by the Evening Post over the huge increase in the number of betting shops and gaming machines.

We are a nation that is becoming addicted to gambling. All research indicates that this growth is greatest in the least well-off areas of our community.

This, I am sure, reflects the desperation of many people to escape from the cycle of poverty and debt.

What I find even more worrying, however, is the proliferation of television advertisements for online gaming sites.

Gambling is, by law, restricted to over 18s. Other restricted activities, such as alcohol and tobacco consumption, are controlled by law and cannot be advertised on television, certainly not during the daytime.

Why, then, is it permissible for online bingo sites to advertise freely during the day when young people are watching?

Even worse, why is in-play gambling encouraged during sporting events, such as televised football matches, when children are watching?

Should we really be teaching our children to gamble? Ray Winstone and others should be ashamed of themselves.

Geoff Horton