Time is ticking over our EU membership

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So we now learn that the EU are prepared to offer the UK a future ‘associate status membership’ of the United States of Europe, they at least now recognise our reluctance to accept their jurisdiction, in so many areas of our national life.

This of course would mean, as second-class members, we would not be represented on future committees making policy decisions for the future constitution or direction of the EU. But we would still be bound by all their present and future laws. Presumably we would not be required to contribute the present £50m per day, but you can bet they would still require a substantial contribution from us.

If PM Cameron believes he can persuade our nation to accept any similar version of this flawed proposal, to allay our country’s fears, whilst us still remaining second-class EU members, he is even more out of touch with reality, than was previously thought.

These same politicians always contrive to persuade us the UK would suffer grave employment and financial difficulties if we ever left the EU. The fact is most EU markets to which we have been previously exporting are in the same financial difficulties as us. So we should be actively extending our markets towards the growing Eastern Nations outside the EU, if we are to continue to prosper. Also when and if these EU country’s recover, they will be quite happy to trade with us as before, even if we are no longer members of the EU, just as Norway who are not EU members have been doing for years.

This frightening future prospect, the true scale of which is at last becoming apparent to the British people, so that even our politicians are now fully aware of our real wishes and which may only be resolved by an ‘in or out of the EU’ by a referendum vote.

E John Tilley, Chorley

Hardship does not exist in luxuries era

Another year over and a new one begins. I’ve still not found any evidence of all these “struggling families” wandering around the country “living in poverty,” destitute with “poor ickle children”.

Have all the motorists given up driving due to this terrible recession? No!

Have all the airports closed due to not going on holiday abroad, or anywhere else, anymore? No!

Have most of the nation given up watching TV, Sky Broadband, mobiles, computers, DVDs, and all the other latest must-have technology? No!

What makes me double up with laughter is when most of the nation “can’t make ends meet” can’t pay council tax, energy bills, TV licence and home insurance – but don’t seem to have any problems with running the car, holidays abroad and all the other must have material things that everybody else has.

Poverty? Recession? Hard times?

What a load of rubbish! I’ll believe there is real abject poverty in this country when all the nation are wandering around in rags, visiting soup kitchens three times a day and sleeping in the streets because they have no where to live and the only material things they possess is what they stand up in. That’s poverty.

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