The same old song

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I attended the ‘Keep Leigh in Leigh’ campaign meeting on Saturday (September 24) and immediately thought: “Hang on a minute, this all sounds very familiar”.

In 2010 myself along with a few others ran a SAVELEIGH campaign, in which 5,240 Leythers signed a petition to encourage the return of our Leigh Council. The ‘Leigh Petition’ as it was called was presented to the Wigan Metro in 2010. I wish Andy Burnham and Trevor Barton every success in their efforts and do hope most sincerely that they get a better result than I did.

Wigan Metro has for over 37 years, being dominated by one party, run down the status of Leigh into becoming only a township rather than a town. This has played right into the hands of the people who care even less about Leigh and has made it much easier for them to rubbish Leigh.

Mr Burnham and Mr Barton should wise up and break their links with people who have undermined our TOWN of Leigh and its people for years.

David Hull

Gordon Street


Thanking you for support

On behalf of the members of the Rotary Club of Atherton, can we offer our sincere thanks to the people of Atherton who have supported our street collections in the town.

We have been able to give all money collected to the following organisations over the last 12 months: Wigan & Leigh Hospice, Christies, Red Cross, Derian House, McMillan Nurses, Bolton Coronary Care Unit, Thanks for Life, Green Grass Project.

As always the people of Atherton have given magnificently to our collections and we thank them for their support.

Colin S Mickleburgh

Secretary, Rotary Club of Atherton

MPs represent the people

Why all the fuss about Parliamentary Boundary changes? Members of Parliament do not ‘represent’ towns or areas, they represent ‘constituents’ wherever they may live within the Constituency, but their political parties first. Town borders are irrelevant. According to Parliament’s own website, MPs have the contactable functions shown below.

When you should contact your local MP:

MPs are more able to help you with issues that Parliament or government are responsible for, such as:

Tax (but not council tax as this is set and paid to your local authority).

Hospitals and the National Health Service (not local social services).

Benefits, pensions, national insurance.


School closures and grants (not day-to-day school problems like governors or the local education authority).

Some issues are not the direct responsibility of Parliament or government. In these instances, you should first contact either your local council or your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau before considering contacting your MP.

These are issues such as: Council tax. Private problems with neighbours, landlords, employers, family; or companies who’ve sold you faulty goods. Decisions made by the courts. Issues that are the responsibility of your local council, ie, dustbins or street repairs.

As far as I am concerned, having lived in Tyldesley and Atherton for 65 years, I have never had a local MP, just the one elected under the constituency name of ‘Leigh’. There has never been a Tyldesley or Atherton MP so it doesn’t really matter to me where ours is based.

Ultimately it makes sense for Parliament to have fewer MPs representing roughly the same numbers of constituents rather than geographical areas. After all they are there to consider matters of national importance, not local issues.

The only way I would back this campaign would be if it were to free us from the shackles of Wigan, surely the biggest disaster to hit our fair town in living memory.

Richard Carter

Meadowbank Avenue


Stand up and speak out

What a shambles.

The country is being run by people who can’t do geography and have no sense of history.

I would have thought Wigan Council would be concerned by a proposal to move half of Leigh into a Bolton constituency then again maybe not!

Leigh lost most of its identity in 1974 this seems like the finishing touch and if we don’t ALL stand up and speak out all I can say is we deserve what we get and it’s no use complaining when it is too late!

Peter Robinson

Address supplied

Well done

Many congratulations to the young woman who has written and illustrated a children’s book.

I am always impressed when someone follows their dream and achieves it and I wish Michelle Leyland every success with her book ‘Farm Frenzy’.

Sally Deakin