Tenants help is most welcome

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BLIMEY, I agree with Labour! Apparently, a future Labour government would cap rent increases in the private sector and scrap letting fees to estate and lettings agents to give a “fairer deal” to tenants.

Ed Miliband will pledge to end “excessive” rent rises when he launches his party’s campaign for local council and European elections.

An “upper limit” on rises will be put in place based on average market rates.

The Labour leader will also call for longer, securer tenancies and rental charges of up to £500 to be axed. And may I also add my suggestions Mr Miliband?

Make it illegal for the letting agent – and the landlord to get together and look for faults when the tenant leaves.

In order to withhold part - or all of the tenant’s deposit? This policy is so rife in today’s property rental agencies.

As I do know from personal experience – and having to fight just to get my deposit back.

I did threaten to write a “poem” condemning the agency. I got all my deposit back!

So, I say good luck to Ed Miliband on this occasion!

Daryl Ashton