Team GB you have done us all so proud!

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Never has so much been achieved so many young athletes.

I am in awe at your determination, tenacity, concentration and superb skills.

In fact, I am just two breaths away from trying on some Lycra and getting out my bike!

You have inspired a nation. After an eventful year of Diamond Jubilee, tennis and Tour De France (don’t mention football) people of Britain can be proud.

Please keep up the Dunkirk spirit. After all, life is short and you can either whinge and moan your way through it or soak up all the good things it has to offer.

Thousands of people who volunteered will never forget 2012.

It will go down in history as a momentous year and I will be pleased to say, “I was there”, well, in front of the television.

I am impressed by the way we have embraced other nations. Life is about tolerance and learning to live together.

We are all on this same journey and ours is a much safer and better passage than so many other countries. We just have to remember that. With all our“stiff upper lip, we can still do appreciation, kindness, tolerance and most of all love for each other.

Grace Robinson, address supplied

Great start to open the Games

I know I was a doubter, but I was pleasantly surprised at the opening of the Olympics. Quite stunning, especially when the Olympic rings rose in the air.

Bits of the pop stuff I could have lived without, but on the whole a great success.

But please can we open something without the help of Sir Paul McCartney?

That bit was truly dreadful. Still, thank God, Ringo didn’t show up.

Alan Fazackerley, address supplied

You made it blooming great

As a local Marie Curie fund-raiser, I would like to thank everyone who held or attended a Blooming Great Tea Party for Marie Curie Cancer Care this summer.

Tea parties were held across the area to help raise vital funds for the charity.

We heard of a variety of Tea parties.

We heard about friends gathering for a cuppa, garden parties to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, rainy Olympic-themed parties, and even a dog walking tea party where dog owners baked dog-friendly treats for their pooches so they could be involved in the party.

Everyone has had a fantastic time, and the money raised from generous supporters will allow Marie Curie Nurses to provide more free care to terminally ill people in their own homes. Enabling them to spend their final weeks, days or hours in familiar surroundings with family and friends close by.

If anyone is yet to pay in the money raised from a Blooming Great Tea Party, call 08700 340 040 or visit for more information.

Michelle Bate

Community Fundraiser, Marie Curie Cancer Care

Greater Manchester