Tax farce means two Eds are not better than one

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I READ with interest Peter Hampson’s letter (February 25) applauding Ed Miliband’s only economic policy, apart from borrowing and spending more money, the re-introduction of the 10p income tax rate.

Some of us remember who it was that abolished the 10p rate of tax, that economic guru Gordon Brown.

I also remember that he was advised at the time by Ed Miliband and Ed Balls, this is the one occasion when two Ed’s are definitely not better than one!

The Labour Party has learned nothing since their Election defeat. Ed Miliband doesn’t just want to re-introduce the 10p rate he also wants to introduce a Mansion Tax which is one of the many mad cap Lib Dem Schemes dreamt up by the useless Vince Cable that other socialist economic guru.

I am all for reducing taxation and lifting those people at the bottom end of the economy out of income tax altogether. That is the right way to tackle this problem and this is what the Conservative led Government proposed in the last Budget with an increase in the basic rate allowance to take effect this year. What we don’t need is yet another tax. Government should be about reducing what it spends not thinking of ways to replace one set of taxes with another set of taxes.

I find it ironic that Ed Miliband wants to introduce a tax on homes over £2m, which means his own home valued at £1.6m won’t be included but his brother’s home will be hit as it is worth over £2m. I am pleased to see that the Labour leadership is really in touch with their voters in Wigan, Makerfield and Leigh. The hypocrisy of the Labour Party never fails to amaze me.

Michael Winstanley,

chairman, Wigan Conservatives Federation

Mansion tax money should go to the sick

IN September 2012, I started a campaign to stop the abolition of Disability Living Allowance, as reported in the Evening Post.

The petition I launched has so far collected over 33,000 signatures of support and continues to grow –

Recently, the Labour Party have adopted a policy of a “Mansion Tax” on properties valued at more than £2m which is estimated could raise up to £2bn per annum in tax revenues. Labour say they want to use this tax to introduce a new rate of income tax of 10 pence in the pound, which they originally abolished, admitting now it was a mistake.

This gimmick by Labour is outdated, as even the Lib Dems will achieve a tax-free amount of £10,000 per year for all earners, including the low paid. Clearly, paying no tax is better than a 10 pence rate of tax for the low paid. I believe a larger tax free amount for the low paid can be achieved by raising the top rate of tax for higher earners.

In our country, we try to look after and protect our pensioners from savage cuts and austerity and quite right too. However, a mark of a compassionate and progressive society is that we try to look after our sick, ill and disabled.

Michael Moulding, Deputy Leader, Community Action Party, Ashton-in-Makerfield