Tax experts should re-write the laws

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It is apparent with the present ‘hoo haa’ over certain companies evading tax on their earnings in this country to everyone, that the UK tax system is long overdue to be totally revised.

Politically each government seems quite happy to tinker with the benefit system to take money from the one and give to another section of society, as a means of restricting money lost from the Treasury. However, the fact rich companies can employ the services of expensive tax accountants to find ways to legally avoid paying their taxes to the Revenue on monies earned here, seems to be beyond the present Government’s ability/desire to prevent.

Rather than set up a Royal Commission on a new tax system (which is the equivalent of kicking a problem into the long grass), nevertheless there is a need to set up a simplified corporation and income tax system in this country and it is long overdue.

It maybe that a committee (given a strict time limit) comprising some of these same tax accountants (poachers now turned gamekeepers) and other tax aware experts could be called upon to draft a much simpler system which could then be discussed and voted upon by Parliament, before adoption.

One of the problems I suppose political parties have with income tax is that each Government uses it to control the economy to suit their own ends and manifestos. So the prospect of a cross party parliamentary agreement, could not to be relied upon.

But surely a structure could be devised which would prevent exploitation by international companies based in the UK being able to legally avoid paying no tax here.

I’m no accountant, but the American system whereby tax is charged on each company’s published annual profits seems simple and transparent, so why can’t that be introduced here?

E J Tilley, Address supplied

Cabbies should turn out lights

Particularly as we are into the time of year where it is dark, there is rain and poor visibility, might it not be a good time to remind the taxi and private hire drivers of the area that they are committing an offence by keeping their headlights on whilst stationary? They are also putting their passengers and others at risk of oncoming drivers not being able to clearly see if someone jumps out from behind their vehicle into the road. Surely none can be idle enough not to be able to turn off their headlights when they stop?

Tom Green, Wigan

Spare us another relegation scrap

As Wigan Athletic approach the testing festive period of matches do we have to resign ourselves to the fact that we are in yet another relegation battle this season.

I was hoping that we would be mid-table or better by this stage of the season but once again we are struggling at the bottom end of the table. We cannot allow games like QPR on Saturday to slip by without taking maximum points – once again our strikers failing to make the most of the chances created.

Come on Latics, spare us the end of season nerves in 2013.

Name and address supplied