Support campaign to save disabled benefit

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With the fantastic help from the Wigan Evening Post, our campaign to save Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is now fast approaching 4,000 signatures but we need more.

I want to inform your readers again, especially those that may be living with a disability or long-term illness, may have a family member or friend or you may even care for a loved one in such a situation and it does not matter if they receive DLA or not – it is being scrapped by central government. It is being done to make enormous savings through savage cuts.

We all must oppose help being withdrawn currently given to the most vulnerable in society. Please take two minutes to sign our online petition @ “Stop the Abolition of Disability Living Allowance for Personal Independence Payments” to help us force parliament to relook at the matter.

Thank you for your support.

Michael Moulding

Deputy Leader, Community Action Party

Offshore turbines are way forward

Of course people don’t want wind turbines on their doorstep. They are ugly intrusions. Maybe we should install a turbine on every street.

The county would be a leader in self-sufficiency and no one could as everyone would have one on their doorstep! Seriously though, the odd turbine here and there isn’t going to do anything. If turbines are the way forward why hasn’t the government set aside a big part of the sea to put up massive fields of turbines that could power the whole country, rather than the odd house or farm here and there?

PP, via website

Progress needs tough decisions

If we want energy then we have to put up with power generation of some form and home produced gas seems preferable to the uncertainty of imports.

The Industrial Revolution would never have got underway if NIMBYism had held sway at that time. No coal mines would have ever been allowed and no railway network, which was the big factor in transforming Britain, would have been built.

Consequently very little progress would have been made and our modern life would have been quite different and much poorer.

We certainly could not have supported a population of much more than 5m burning wood for fuel. Perhaps NIMBYS should withdraw from modern life and go back to the good old days.

broughtonbob, via website

Good luck to the Scots

So, Scotland may be holding a referendum (you lucky people) on going independent from the UK. Okay, I’ve got an idea – just go for it Scotland – but all your subsidies which you’ve enjoyed courtesy of the English Government will all cease with immediate effect.

So, just like us in England, you’ll have to put your hands in your own pockets and pay for them yourselves?

Does it still sound a good idea going independent? Thought not!

Darryl Ashton