Store can be a force for good in Golborne

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I must congratulate the editorial in the Wigan Evening Post headlined “A town needing job boost” (August 21), in relation to the proposed new Sainsbury’s superstore for Golborne.

Your newspaper correctly highlighted the invaluable jobs boost, investment and improvements to infrastructure that such a development will bring to Golborne.

I must congratulate Peter Franzen, chairman of Golborne Community Forum and leader of our party, for being so instrumental in ensuring this development, and the opportunities it brings, comes to the town of Golborne, which no doubt will also bring enormous benefits to the wider community.

Michael Moulding,

Deputy Leader, Community 
Action Party,


Money talks, not voters

Just two words to say really that sum up all this wasted time, effort, protests, letters to council and everything else these organisers want to do to stop the building in Bradley Lane – Mere Oaks!

This was a school needed and loved by the “very special children and young people” of the borough. Did all the protests, letters and organisations do anything?

NO! Money talks... end of!

D Turner, via email

Noisy shops drive customers away

Why are we subjected to music everywhere we go (letters, August 16)?

Is there anyone out there who can do anything about it?

Retailers need to realise that it is not to everyone’s taste and drives an awful lot of customers away.

It does not attract more customers, just entices in children, who haven’t got any money anyway.

Think of the majority of people with a bit of spare cash, they are hard working or retirees, who have already fashioned their taste in music and like to chose when and where to listen to it.

We are the people they need to be targeting, we have the money to spend.

Jayne Herbert, via e-mail

The Games gave us all a boost

Congratulations to all of our Team GB athletes for doing a magnificent job in the London Olympics – 29 gold, 17 silver and 19 bronze medals and finishing third overall. How uplifting from the gloom and doom that surrounds us.

Also, congratulations to the thousands of volunteers, the armed services who stepped in at such short notice, and all of those who made the whole event a success from start to finish and making the games so spectacular.

The success of the London Olympic Games has given the country the boost that we needed, and I hope that the Government now builds upon the Olympic legacy and starts by listening to 
the people, and what they really want.

Philip Griffiths

North West Chairman UK Independence Party