Still a long way to go in milk battle

The recent and ongoing dairy coalition campaign for fair milk pricing has attracted a huge amount of public and political support.

It has already made a big difference with the major retailers committing to move their milk price in the right direction.

But there is still more to be done to engage with the milk processors and some of the “discount” retailers to create a long term frame –work to make sure we never reach crisis point again.

The campaign couldn’t have been so successful without the support of consumers being prepared to question their local retailers and put pressure on them to support the UK dairy industry.

As a veterinary practice working day-in day-out with local dairy farms we fully support the campaign and know how important it is for our farmers.

We need a system that ensures fair pricing because high-quality, safe dairy products produced on farms that ensure good animal health and welfare comes at a cost.

Our dairy farmers need to be able to run profitable businesses so they can continually invest in animal health and welfare.

Only in this way can we ensure a sustainable agri-livestock sector with all the public health, food security and environmental benefits that provides. The “SOS Dairy” campaign is supported by the British Veterinary Association, of which we are members. The campaign pages of the NFU website contain lots of information about ways in which individuals can help to support the campaign. These include template letters to send to local Members of Parliament, retailers and processors. For more information, log on to

Lanes Veterinary Group

Green Lane West, Cabus

Games athletes don’t need status

Roll up! Roll up! For the greatest show on earth!

If you win Olympic Gold – or a couple of them – you’ll end up getting the freedom of your home town, with all the trimmings!

Once upon a time it was only the very privileged few and someone very special who actually received these honours.

Now they are dished out like sweets – and all these so-called Lords, Dames and Sirs are all running round trying to catch them.

Yes, it is nice to win a medal whether it be Gold, Silver or Bronze, but why do they need the status to go with it?

I don’t watch these pantomime games.

And the way those reporters are slobbering all over themselves to make their comments known is oh so scripted.

Even the businesses in Central and surrounding areas of London are suffering badly as a result of these games.

I bet they certainly don’t feel so very honoured!

Darryl Ashton, via email