Squatters law is a victory for sense

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At last, the Government has woken up and smelt the coffee!

A new law is to make squatting in a residential building in England and Wales become a criminal offence, meaning squatters would face jail or a fine.

Ministers said it would offer better protection for homeowners and “slam shut the door on squatters once and for all”.

The maximum penalty will be six months in jail, a £5,000 fine, or both.

But campaigners warned the new law could criminalise vulnerable people and lead to an increase in rough sleeping.

Typical do-gooders? Even if some people do find themselves homeless, this should not be a “green light” for any one to invade someone else’s home.

My only query is - what’s taken the Government so long to finally act on illegal squatters, and squatting?

At last, we have victory for common sense.

Darryl Ashton, via email

Tractor boys are inconsiderate

Does anyone else have a say about the inconsiderate tractor boys for holding traffic up every time they go out on the road?

It would be a good idea if they showed some respect to other duty and tax payers by pulling into a lay-by to allow traffic to move at the correct road speed. They don’t pay any tax or duty and travel at about 35mph which is no good.

R Ward

via email

Politicians don’t care about cuts

Regarding the news that more Police Constable posts have gone than other ranks, so what?

You think Cameron and Clegg care if a few working class types up north get their homes burgled or their cars nicked?

As long as their voters in the South are protected everyone else can go hang.

Also, isn’t it reassuring that – just as in healthcare and education – it’s those at the coalface that bear the brunt while the managers escape unscathed.

Woodsmann, via website

Support needed over hours row

It is encouraging to see the head of Sainsbury’s joining with bishops to prevent the extension of Sunday trading hours.

Dairy farmers will hope he is successful in helping to keep supermarket opening hours from increasing, since they are losing money every time a litre of milk is sold.

When will he and the other supermarket robber barons stop using milk as a weapon of mass attraction and pay a decent price for it?

Consumers are prepared to pay more for their milk providing the money goes to the farmers.

When will the Government wake up to the grim realities faced by farmers battling against the weather and the supermarkets, and stop pussy-footing around?

Gordon Garment,

address supplied