So sad to hear of Jenny’s misfortune

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I WAS very sad to hear that Jenny Meadows had been snubbed for a place in the British Olympic squad.

For months this likeable Wigan lass has been one of the team’s poster girls.

It has been touch and go whether she would be selected for some time because of on-going battles with injury.

But she is by far the best runner we have produced at this distance for many a year and even a Meadows slightly under par would be a better medal prospect than others who may have enjoyed more recent success but don’t have her speed.

There seem to be some very strange selection criteria and restrictions in that if you select one B grade athlete that stops you picking any from the A class. Such a policy has meant that we have only sent one female athlete to the Games instead of a possible three.

And this must be heartbreaking for those concerned including Meadows who must have been dreaming of and training for this opportunity to perform – at the biggest event in the world in their home country – for eight years.

B Rossington


Olympics is over hyped nonsense

I find all the hype and publicity deeply disturbing as the public are being brainwashed into thinking the whole country has a tremendous amount to gain from this event, when I firmly believe that the benefits (mainly for London and the South of England) will in no way justify the enormous cost of staging these games.

In a time of austerity, when many people are having to tighten their belts and cut down on essential things I am sure this money could have been put to a far better use.

If I had been one of the very deserving torch-bearers I would have felt belittled at carrying some tacky thing that resembled a cheese-grater from the Pound Shop.

Are these games really all about sport or just another excuse to line the pockets of a few already lucrative businesses at the expense once again of the gullible public and the exploitation of some very fine athletes?

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Tats rap is

simply unfair

Having read the article on tattoos (WEP Saturday, July 7) it does somewhat do a dis-service to the majority of people who are more than happy with their body art.

I have a tattoo which I like very much and feel that most people put a lot of thought into them, as well as the fine work by the majority of artists.

Of course there will always be people who dislike them and some people who rush in and get ones that don’t really mean anything, but its not like they didn’t know what they were getting into.

Everybody knows they are permanent and it just seems very foolish to get one and then claim not to like it later on. Tattoos should be personal and you should think long and hard before getting one.

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