Sir Patrick Moore was a shining light

BBC, The Sky at night,

Sir Patrick Moore, astrologer bright.

For 50 years, a star on our screen,

With telescope, and monocle clean.

Patrick showed us the moon and stars,

The planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Mars.

Quantum’s, Quarks, the speed of light,

All explained, on The Sky at Night.

As science advanced, Patrick was there,

Explaining E = MC squared,

One giant leap for mankind,

Patrick opened up man’s mind.

I’ll miss our Patrick on The Sky At Night,

I’ll miss his “Good evening” what a delight.

He’ll always be our polar star,

In our hearts, never far.

So as we scan the heavens above,

Let’s send our Patrick, all our love.

Maybe that star that’s shining bright,

Is our presenter, of “The Sky At Night”

We just don’t know

God bless good night

John Ruffley, name and address supplied

Mums-to-be get on with sickness

I would like to offer my congratulations to our Royal couple on the announcement of the pregnancy. I’m sorry to see that Kate is having acute morning sickness and is being treated for it in hospital for a few days. I must say that they are the nicest of our royals and I wish them and their baby well.

I don’t want to appear churlish but must say that is encouraging for all the thousands of mothers in our country who suffer similarly every year and get sent away with a few pills and advice to drink plenty of fluids, to now know that they can be hospitalised for a few days instead.

Jeff McCann, name and address supplied

Question mark on royals’ security

Whilst our hearts go out to the family of the nurse who took the hoax call at the King Edward VI hospital, questions need to be asked of the Metropolitan Police.

This was a silly childish prank that no one condones and the emphasis is now on those who made the call and those who accepted the call.

Surely the responsibility should lie with the Royal Security who should have been in place at the hospital.

No call should ever have been able to be put through if security measures had been in place to monitor these. There appears to have been no directive given to the staff as how to deal with calls concerning Kate and her health. The blame lies solely with the hospital management and security.

Norman Abram

Yearning for winter rugby

on these bitterly cold winter days when a dazzling sun pierces the cobalt sky, I long for the days of winter rugby league. A flask of hot Vimto, a bag of Uncle Joe’s to dish out to my pals and the smell of wintergreen wafting from the changing rooms. The sterile stadia and perfect pitches of our modern age may hold sway but these memories of yesteryear fire the imagination and warm the soul on dark days.

Harry Taylor, Hindley