Sick of childish antics

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AM I the only person getting increasingly tired of the spoilt-child antics of some of Wigan’s councillors?

Week in and week out we hear the same litany of repetitive complaints from a handful of elected members, complaining about the council’s officers and stamping their feet about corruption every time something does not go their way.

These people need to realise that simply being elected by (a tiny minority of) the electorate does not mean everybody else has to bow down before them and obey their every command.

The way that certain people use being chosen at the ballot box to threaten and bully anyone who gets in their way is disgusting.

Frankly Wigan Council has my full support in its attempts to bring the chamber into some sort of line.

It must be extremely galling to be a successful officer, well educated and with decades of knowledge and expertise patiently accumulated, to be accused of all kinds of ridiculous things by jumped-up councillors who are, after all, professional rent-a-quotes who do not actually need to know anything properly to enter their chosen field.

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