Shock video would work

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I CAN’T understand the reasoning of the Government in making future cigarette packets plain and nameless.

They say it will deter teenagers from starting smoking.

I disagree and would like to suggest what I think would be a better alternative to their idea.

Make a five-minute film showing the damage to a person’s lungs and give a copy to every school in Great Britain to be shown just once a week, say at assembly.

The film should show a person having to stop every few yards in order to catch their breath, along with someone at home in a chair having to have an oxygen mask in order to breathe, as well as photos of the damaged lung of a 30-year-old that looks like a 50-year-old’s.

I think this shock video would have a bigger impact on teenagers and perhaps make those who still want to smoke aware of the possible illegal substances that may be put into the nameless cigarette packets.

Common sense may then apply.

Malcolm Shedlow

Address supplied