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I am trying to locate any relatives of John Fairhurst who once lived at 89 Platt Lane, Hindley. He was my uncle, but I never met him.

I was born in 1942 and my uncle went down with the Lancastria on June 17, 1940 off the coast of France. I only found out these details in 2011 when my cousin Joan found a newspaper cutting in her bible, which had been there for around 70 years.

All I was ever told about my uncle John was that he died in the war at sea, so to see the newspaper cutting was a bit of a shock. The Lancastria Association have confirmed that he was on the ship.

I may have some cousins in your area or their children at least. I would dearly like to get in touch with them.

E Watkinson,

10 Snowberry Grove,

South Shields,

NE34 8BX.