Run gauntlet of dog owners

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MY neighbours and I have a constant battle, day in and day out, with some irresponsible dog owners, who just will not clear up after their own dogs.

We telephone the contact centre two or three times a week, to report dog fouling on our streets. The response is always very good, sending a street cleaning machine, or two men with spades to clean the mess up. ( Not a nice job for any one.)

Unfortunately, by the time the cleansing department arrive we have had pedestrians, ie. children going to school, mums and dads taking their little ones in prams to the nursery, senior citizens with their shopping trollies and not least invalidity scooters and wheelchair users, having to run the gauntlet of dog faeces almost every day.

The cleaning of shoes and wheels is a very unpleasant, and in some cases an impossible job.

Even when responsible dog owners do clean up, they find that the bins provided for litter seem to be emptied on a less regular basis. There is very often bags that have been used to deposit dog faeces in, burst open on the ground beside the overflowing bins.

I have brought these subjects up on numerous occasions with different departments in the council. This has resulted in posters on lamp-posts and painted signs on pavements, for which we are grateful, but it makes very little difference.

The reporter says “There have been more than 1,000 fixed penalty notices issued by officers since September as part of a crackdown on environmental crime. I ask everyone, “What is more of an environmental crime, the discarding of a cigarette butt or dog fouling on our streets” ?

Where are the enforcement officers to stop dog fouling?

How much longer do we have to walk along our lovely streets with our eyes permanently looking downwards?

When can our children and grandchildren walk into our homes without first checking for “dog poo” on their shoes?

I am not a dog hater, in fact I sometimes take my son’s lovely dog on a walk, but I always take a poop bag and kitchen roll with me. It only take a few seconds to pick up his faeces and continue our walk. If only everyone did the same there would be no need for enforcement.

I truly feel until this matter is given much more priority, and that there are some “Fixed penalty notices issued by officers “ to the unreasonable dog owners, things will never get any better for us or our children.

Mrs S Critchley

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Find cleaner solutions

A Cuadrilla-backed industry group and self-styled ‘Task Force’ is imploring people to get behind shale. As residents’ groups from across the North West, we would like to offer a more positive vision for industry and employment for our region. Far from being a solution to the North West’s energy and employment needs, shale gas is a distraction from the huge potential to develop clean energy, which would create thousands of long-term jobs in the region.

Already the £1.2bn renewables industry in the North West employs nearly 10,000 people across 611 companies. With our engineering skills and vast renewable energy resources, our region should be at the forefront of the growing clean energy sector. Experience from the US has shown that over twice as many jobs are created in wind energy than gas, for the same amount of investment. Public opinion is firmly in support of clean energy, with wind farms six times more popular than shale gas wells.

We are also concerned about the impact shale gas exploitation would have on our farming and tourism sectors. The European Commission says fracking poses high risk of water contamination and air pollution.

Instead of promoting more shale gas hype, the business sector should protect our existing industries threatened by fracking.

Central Lancashire Friends of the Earth, Frack Free Greater Manchester