Roadworks abomination

NO sooner have they finished disrupting the daily commute in and out of Wigan then they are at it again.

The debacle of Saddle Junction meant months of misery for those trying to drive in and out of Wigan towards Marus Bridge and lo and behold we are subjected to it again.

The roadworks at Little Lane are one thing, but my 45-minute journey from the M6 to Wigan town centre the other day, all to do some minor repairs (during morning rush hour no less) outside Taybarns, putting that down to one lane as well, merely served to compound our misery. Many thanks to all you highway planners. You’ve really nailed it again!

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Shortage of carriages

THE clamour against the High Speed Two (HS2) rail link appears to be growing, with residents living along the proposed route and wildlife organisations both speaking out against different aspects of the scheme.

While I would personally like to see even better connections between the North West and London as I travel to the capital several times a year, I cannot help thinking the existing mainline service is extremely good.

However, my main concern is HS2 does nothing to aid the biggest problem facing the traveller on Britain’s railways, the chronic shortage of rolling stock.

Few people complain about journey times yet hundreds of thousands of people are crammed into inadequate, creaking old carriages and have to endure journeys in discomfort day in day out.

On the local lines between Wigan and Manchester alone, I sometimes cannot believe just how cramped conditions are, and what health and safety would say I would not like to think.

The money being spent on HS2 should instead be transferred into an emergency programme of rolling stock and carriage building. These would also provide the skilled jobs which Government ministers are continually going on about. If the private companies operating the services will not spend their money on this much-needed work, surely Westminster could usefully intervene?

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