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JUBILEE Park in Ashton has been subject of much comment, most recently a letter from Catherine Aspey published in last Thursday’s WEP.

I was concerned to read that the low number of reports of anti social behaviour is “probably due to residents contacting either the Ashton Residents Association or the Community Action Party instead” of reporting incidents to GM Police or council services.

Peak levels of reported problems in the park and area last July saw GM Police receive 11 reports of anti social behaviour (ASB) from the public. Six reports were received in August, three in September, five in October and November, and one in the months of December and January. In February 2014, Greater Manchester Police received no reports of ASB in the area. Similarly, youths causing annoyance again saw a peak in July with six reports to Greater Manchester Police reducing to four in August, two in September and October, four in November and none since this date. During the same period Wigan Council received two complaints of anti social behaviour in total.

Any anti social behaviour is too much, but through your pages, I would encourage residents who have information to report anti social behaviour by contacting Wigan Council on 01942 404364 or Greater Manchester Police on 101. To report criminal damage please contact Greater Manchester Police on 101. If a crime is occurring and there is a need for an emergency response please ring 999. The council and its partners are working hard to support residents through ‘The Deal’, but they need the information to act on.

Coun Kevin Anderson,

cabinet member for community safety and anti social behaviour