Remembering the Wigan of old

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I AGREE with Pat Riley’s views in last week’s Wigan Observer.

I too, am proud to be a Wiganer and know how fortunate we all are to live in such a beautiful town, with such hospitable people.

Yet, I can’t help feeling nostalgic for the more atmospheric Wigan of yesteryear, for example the Scholes area of Wigan. I will concede that the slums were an eyesore and the air is much fresher since they stopped coal fires, but strolling through Scholes is like walking through a graveyard.

Scholes precinct is practically non-existent, with shops boarded up.

Gone are the days of Dan Rourke’s grocers, Moy Toy laundry, Bolton’s chemists where the ginger beer was second to none, Leeches pie shop, and last but not lest the public houses.

Geoffrey Shryhane put it into context with the photograph he used in his Wigan World column recently of Wigan market in the 70s.

He wrote: “Too few stalls, to few customers” and I return to the main point of my letter - no atmosphere.

The sad fact is that life has changed dramatically over the last few years, with huge supermarkets, online shopping and out of town shopping malls and we will have to learn to accept it and move with the times.

The downside is that the younger generation will have to learn about the “real” Wigan form history books.

T Penman,