Question of party politics

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IT is astonishing that at the recent elections people voted for a party led by an egotistical, attention seeking nobody whose only policies are to tap into the natural unrest of the disaffected.

These are people who see their jobs taken, their children’s education put in peril and the NHS overwhelmed by an influx of people from other countries.

But what is more astonishing is that people voted for a party that deliberately created all of these problems and a whole raft more.

A party that took us into two illegal wars, which were none of the country’s business, presided over the biggest decline in the effectiveness of our public services, created a raft of benefit needing citizens, to keep them on or near the poverty line (is this the same poverty line that covers most of central Africa, or is it a new definition to appease certain politicians).

Sold gold at rock bottom prices, virtually killed off the private pensions industry by a cynical grab of over £50bn of private money intended for future pensioners whose money it was, were so inept that a massive criminal waste of taxpayers’ money led to a lot of it being just washed down the drain and then built up the biggest debt this country had ever seen.

I suppose Ukip don’t seem too bad when considering the recent record of the Labour Party especially after their brazen attempts to swamp the UK with immigrants.

Mike Denny

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