Protest over NHS future

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WHAT will happen if we allow this Coalition Government to systematically destroy our NHS?

We are all aware that it has to deal with cut backs while implementing efficiency savings and in some cases the care provided has not met with the expected standards required, but for every negative highlighted incident there are thousands upon thousands of examples of what an excellent service our current NHS provides.

But the Coalition appear not to be listening to those asking for this bill to be rejected including senior figures within the health service and now we have Health Select Committee chaired by Stephen Dorrell (former Conservative Health secretary) pointing out that, so far, the reorganisation has barely tackled the need to redefine what is meant by Health. Strange?

If they don’t know now what the NHS stands for I will tell them: it is about the social care as a whole for the sick and vulnerable people in our society, about co-ordinating support in the community to enable hospitals to work more effectively and to relieve the constant pressures experienced by our hard working doctors, nurses and their support staff.

If you want to protect our NHS write to one of our three local MPs Lisa Nandy, Yvonne Fovargue or Andy Burnham to save the NHS from becoming another profit making enterprise where ability to pay gets you ahead of the queue.

Dave Calder,

Walkden Avenue,