Problems with libraries

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It is quoted in the recent edition of Labour News that Wigan Council was able to keep library services running in every community. How do residents in Beech Hill, Gidlow, Poolstock, Hawkley Hall, Worlsey Mesnes, Swinley etc fall into this category?

The nearest library being in what was College Avenue and adjacent to the new Life Centre, but now that someone in their wisdom has now closed this Avenue, where does one park?

Is the theory that more people will than make use of the multi-storey car parks, thus generating more money for the proverbial ‘pot’.

From an aesthetic point of view, the approach to the Centre is indeed, beautiful, but for the motorist it is a nightmare as is the block paving in near to the Civic buildings opposite to the Wigan College in Parsons Walk, which was an ideal place for coaches to “collect” and “return” holiday makers.

Why was the lay-by outside the former swimming baths not retained for coaches transporting children to and from schools, instead of creating a bus lane in Millgate, which causes yet another traffic blockage?

Here’s hoping that the new traffic feature at the Saddle Junction will be somewhat of an improvement of previous fiasco at this location.

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