Press law is a victory for hiding the truth

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So the politicians have got their way at long last.

The beginning of the end for press freedoms in Britain.

When people take the blinkers off as the smug satisfaction wears off, they will realise that the only ones really elated about this will be the corrupt officials, the expenses fiddling politicians, celebrity perverts enjoying sordid sex sessions in the back of taxis in public places and their crony deviants paying for sleazy sessions in ‘dungeons’ about the land.

Those who have much to hide will come up smiling whilst the rest of us will be kept ignorant, not just about their nasty little secrets but the real problems that affect us all such as the crooks in public office who the press will be frightened to expose for fear of punitive damages and massive fines. Remember this. No country is really free unless it has a free press to tell its citizens what is going on behind the scenes!

Why do you think that in countries like Myanmar, Zimbabwe, China, etc, people are prepared to face jail and worse to fight for press freedom?

Because their corrupt regimes are terrified of the people finding out the truth.

Don’t let our three party leaders take us along that route.

I wouldn’t put anything beyond the Tories or the Lib-Dems but for the Labour Party to be involved with this is a damned disgrace!

Jeff McCann

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Put needs of hungry before your profits

The average UK household’s annual food bill was over £100 higher in 2012 than in 2011, putting a strain on over-stretched household budgets.

In poorer countries, where people often spend most of their incomes on food, price rises have an even greater impact, forcing millions to go hungry.

One of the reasons prices have been rising so rapidly is that banks and hedge funds are pouring millions of pounds of speculative money into food futures markets, pushing prices beyond the levels dictated by supply and demand.

Access to food is a basic human right, and banks should not be allowed to play havoc with food prices.

New legislation to limit food speculation is on the table at the EU, but George Osborne and his Treasury colleagues have so far blocked tough controls. We must demand our politicians put the needs of hungry people, at home and abroad, before the profits of investment banks.

Laura Clayson

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Thanks for care shown to mother

I hope you print this letter as most care home get bad press, but I feel that this care home ‘The Beeches’ in Coppull should be known for the love and care given to my mother Winifred Witherington, who resided with them for four years. She had Alzheimer’s disease, and recently passed away. Nothing was too much trouble for them, I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Mrs S Ashton, Bamber Bridge