Police have no force

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THERE is not a police force as such today. The training we had to do would not be tolerated today by the so called “do gooder” squad.

If we wanted promotion, we had to sit exams in English, geography and maths and general knowledge to even get to the rank of sergeant, plus a very detailed law examination over a day long (with breaks). One of the law questions would be such as “You are on duty when you receive information that a girl of 12 years, three months has just given birth to a child. The father is a boy of 13 years. The grandfather, ie the girl’s father, is only 27 years of age. Outline your full powers of arrest under the statutes covering the sex offences and your powers under any other act. Identify all offences outlined including aiding and abetting (if any) offences”. Today I would be a millionaire with the fines I could make in a week of proper police duty.

Jean du Bois

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