Pet cemetery a move too far

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NOBODY - and I mean nobody - could have been a more besotted and committed dog owner.

I can’t imagine that many people in my street being more upset at parting with their hairy pal than I was.

My rescue dog succumbed to liver failure two months ago, after 12 years of post-divorce rough and then happy smooth, together.

As I write this, a favourite picture of him looks down from my wall, eyes flashing and tongue lolling from a face only his canine mother - and me - could love.

But (page 5, Wigan Observer June 3) a proposed pet cemetery is taking things too far, I am afraid.

This type of mawkish nonsense is all the rage in America, of course, where there is always somebody willing to part you from your dollars when you are emotionally at a real low.

I am shocked that an organisation which I have always supported, Wigan RSPCA, are prepared to waste time and money on such a project.

Resources are stretched and there surely has never been as many differing calls on the wallets of those of us prepared to support such charities on a standing-order basis.

With life increasingly hard for so many families, some pets are now finding themselves rock bottom of the list of domestic priorities.

So there has never been a more important time for the RSPCA to make sure that what resources it has are ploughed into things that matter.

That means guarding the welfare of pets and other animals, investigating mistreatment and bringing the culprits to justice.

All this costs money.

Money that would be much better spent than on a over-sentimental burial ground for those plainly unable to let go and move on.

Dog Lover,