Parties are all as bad as each other

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WITH regard to the news that Britain is back in recession, if we put the official indicators to one side we’ve now been in this situation for nigh on three years.

Labour presided over this disgraceful slide backwards initially and the coalition have worsened the situation by adopting a range of economic policies that are governed by ideological zeal and a bloodthirsty appetite for cuts.

How hard would it have been to apply some common sense and logic before hurtling down the current road to ruin?

You don’t need to be a genius to work out that if you take people out of jobs they (a) can’t afford to put as much money back into local or national businesses and (b) are in all likelihood increasing the welfare bill many times over.

I’m ashamed of our political parties – all of them.

Hitman31, via website

Porn perils in an imperfect world

THE final report of a cross-party parliamentary inquiry into online child protection has found that many children are accessing internet pornography, as well as other websites showing violence or promoting self-harm and anorexia.

It states that four-out-of-five children aged between 14 and 16 years regularly access online porn at home, and that pornographic material is shown to desensitise children and young people to violent or sexually aggressive acts.

The situation must now be very seriously monitored with safeguards in place to protect our children.

Internet service providers make more than £3 billion a year so it is going to be a hard battle. What really astonished me was the comment of an MP who said it was the responsibility of parents to protect their children. That is all very well in a perfect world, but not all children have responsible parents.

J Connor, via email

Scouting for your support

As a band, Scouting for Girls really believe in the work of WellChild, the national charity for sick children, so much so that we cycled on Chopper bikes all the way from London to Brighton to raise money for them.

We are proud to be among their celebrity ambassadors.

On behalf of the charity, we would like to ask your readers for their support in finding as many of the country’s deserving children, young people, carers and healthcare professionals as possible for the 2012 WellChild Awards, supported by GlaxoSmithKline.

The WellChild Awards celebrate the inspirational bravery of sick children and young people across the UK who cope against the odds with a serious illness or complex condition.

The awards also highlight the amazing individuals, such as brothers and sisters, friends, nurses, doctors and other health professionals, who go the extra mile to make the lives of those sick children as happy and fulfilled as possible.

Nominations for the 2012 WellChild Awards are open until May 11.

Please look at the charity’s website, or call 0845 458 8171.

Roy Stride, Greg Churchouse, Peter Ellard, Scouting for Girls