Parking chaos near school

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DUE to the conversion of the staff car park at Wigan Infirmary and Freckleton Street to visitor parking, staff have to park in Mesnes and Water Street parks and take a shuttle bus to work.

Some of the staff have decided not to use this option and are now parking on both the sides of Whitley Crescent at its junction with Spencer Road.

I have noticed following serious problems over the last few days, at times traffic can only go in one direction and that builds up long queues particularly in the morning when drivers use this route as a short cut. School buses and public buses on this route have problems to get through.

Concerned residents of Whitley taking their children to Woodfield School have an increased danger when crossing the road because parked cars on both sides of the carriageway is blocking their view. This safety issue which should be dealt promptly without delay.

I have sent a copy of this letter to our respected councillors who will, as usual deal with this issue on priority basis.

Farrukh Irshad,

via email.