Only voting brings change

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UNFORTUNATELY it is an already established statistical fact that less than two thirds of the registered electorate do in fact bother to vote in elections.

Which is a great pity, since many women in particular, gave their lives in the early 20th century, in order to obtain a democratic vote for women, which is now treated with apparent indifference.

Due to newspapers and television more people are now better informed than ever about what their political representatives get up to and how corruption in our so called democratic system is endemic.

Also how difficult it is for the people to change the course of any political proposal or development they do not agree with, which leads to indifference.

People are rightly suspicious of professional Westminster politicos who have never held down a job in the real world to decide their country’s course of action,on any event.

This together with the recent revelations of MPs’ outrageous expenses claims, have all contributed to the prevailing cynicism among voters. However, it is only by registering our vote for change by electing parties such as UKIP which will eventually have an affect by overturning the existing discredited system and bringing in a real democratic representation for the electorate, that can change matters.

E J Tilley

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