No pact with the devil

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LORD Baker must be stark, staring crazy to even suggest a Tory-Labour coalition.

Socialism is a counter-balance to Conservatism. His stupid suggestion has two sides. One is to undermine Labour, because he knows if this idea were embraced, the Labour Party would haemorrhage millions of members and self-destruct overnight. It would be signing a “pact with the Devil,” committing political suicide.

This idea of a “grand coalition” has been nipped in the bud with senior Labour figures claiming it was part of a Tory underhand plan to undermine Labour’s prospects in Scotland.

Despite ruling out a coalition, perhaps the best hope for Labour would be an alliance with the SNP. They have kept the torch of core socialist principles alive in Scotland. I, for one, being of Scots ancestry, would vote for this.

Labour needs to edge away from Blairite neo-liberalism, a sell out to Thatcher’s ideas, that betrayed what Labour stands for. To join forces with the SNP would not cause a constitutional crisis in itself, but it could be a knock-out blow to the Tories.

I can see panic in Tory ranks beginning to surface already. This alliance of Labour with the SNP could begin the rebuilding of Britain, putting people before profit, taxing the wealthy pro rata to help maintain the NHS and restore the public sector, and put the brake on the right-wing oppressive policies of this wretched coalition Government, such as the Health And Social Care Act.

I’m in favour of a Labour SNP axis and if given the chance, will vote for it, solidly.

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