No more support for Tories

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I’VE supported the Tories for most of my 50 years, until 2008 opened my eyes.

The wealth of our nation has been systematically siphoned off into the hands of the richest 1 per cent since the 1970s. ONS figures prove it. Failing to share wealth and avoid tax has resulted in poverty jobs and disintegrating services. The future is bleak.

Not convinced? Why then, is Tesco reportedly paying its former chief executive a £10m bonus for failure? Or why have Tesco received a fifth £30m executive jet? A shocking extravagance when you compare that to the closure of 43 stores with thousands losing their jobs.

This is Corporate Britain, which our Government gives £85bn a year in allowances – enough to stop austerity cuts.

I’ve looked long and hard at the political parties asking for our votes. The Tories will destroy us, Labour, meekly follow, Ukip want to live in the 1880s with “splendid isolation” and the Lib Dems are anyone’s tart.

If you want to live in a Britain with a future – vote Green.

Robert Reynolds

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